Summer of 2022: Monday August 1st to Sunday August 7th

EUROPEAN MUSIC WORKSHOPS at "La Maison du Kleebach", near Munster in eastern France, has arguably established itself as one of the most acknowledged summer camps for music lovers in Europe. 


Reasons for this success: world class instructors giving parallel courses for voice, guitar, harmonica, cajon and percussion. This concept allows students to put into practice what they have learned in class during daytime, in both casual jams as well as at the final public concert. 

Since its beginning in 2009, the event has developed into a remarkable community which gathers again and again to celebrate the joys of handmade music in a warm and supportive environment.

The coaches, all highly regarded professional musicians with solid teaching experience, help foster this fantastic sense of togetherness by unleashing in their students a stream of creative energy and emotion.

This coming summer, we will be celebrating our 13th edition. And as always, at an unbeatable price: room, full board and course from €849,- !


New in 2022: ukulele and Cajon courses for beginners !

BLUESFROG PRODUCTIONS is pleased to announce that, in the summer of 2022, our teachers Dave Goodman and Martin Röttger will be offering ukulele and cajon courses for beginners. 

These two new workshops will be held from Thursday, July 28th to Sunday, July 31st 2022, at Le Kleebach, as a prelude to our 13th EUROPEAN MUSIC WORKSHOPS

They can be combined with our other classes (guitar, cajon, voice, harmonica) held the following week. However, this must occur when registering !

Dave and Martin will be teaching both groups the same songs, the goal being to play together, during the day and at the evening sessions ! 

Musical prerequisites: none ! These courses are intended for beginners. No knowledge of music theory is required and it is not necessary to know how to read a score or play another instrument. Details on the particular page of our two teachers.