Dave GOODMAN: a rare combination of talents

Songwriter, composer, singer: Dave Goodman, our musical director and guitar teacher, really has it all !  

His autobiographical compositions that take you on a journey, his expressive, emotional vocals and his amazing virtuosity are earning the Canadian a growing recognition worldwide. He has filled the shoes of Robben Ford in “The Ford Blues Band” and has been praised and courted by John Lee Hooker during his years living in the U.S..  

With his anglo-american and irish heritage, Dave, who has shared the stage with Jeff Healey, David Sanborn, Peter Maffay and Joan Armatrading, conjures an intense and magical sound, authentic, deep and refined.. He is a master in both acoustic and electric idioms, with his own sound which combines elements of blues, jazz, country and folk, uniquely transcending stylistic boundaries.  

Newly settled in the Czech Republic, Dave is regularly touring internationally under his own name. Highly in demand as a workshop leader, he has been teaching at EUROPEAN MUSIC WORKSHOPS since 2010. He has conveyed to dozens of students both the basics and the subtleties of contemporary fingerstyle guitar without intimidating them with his virtuosity. His course attracts both guitarists and singer/songwriters.  

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In Dave's guitar course, emphasis will be placed on repertoire and chord progression, i. e. how songs function and how to learn them quickly and with a better understanding. Because of varying levels and abilities, Dave often divides the class into subgroups giving everyone some choice in which pieces or exercises they personally would like to focus on.

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Topics will include some or all of the following:  

  • Songs/repertoire: understanding chord progressions, learning songs more quickly and effectively.   
  • Finger style: getting started with various bass/thumb and fingerpicking techniques, approaches for different grooves and styles.   
  • Tunings: standard tuning and various open tunings and their applications.   
  • Slide (in conjunction with tuning section): slide technique, open G, open D, standard tuning. damping, chords, comping and soloing, applying fingerstyle.   
  • Improvisation: a look at which scales work where and with which chords and progressions and how to use all these musically. To which extent the course will deal with theory and harmony will depend on how advanced the participants are, and how much they want to focus on this.   
  • Solo and ensemble performance: integrating improvisation into performance, how to accompany a soloist or singer, bringing these elements together "live” by putting participants into small groups and performing in front of the whole group.   
  • Songwriting (for those interested): taking a look at participants’ songs, how to develop them further.  
  • Teaching languages: english or german as required, french in emergencies.  
  • Musical requirements: intermediate and advanced level players only. Theory background not required. 
  • Bring: guitar(s), capo, slide, notepad, pen.
  • Note: Dave supplies notes and videos for all pieces covered in his guitar class.
  • Registration: kleebach@european-music-workshops.com 



    The ukulele is much easier to learn for beginners than, for example, the guitar. In his class, Dave will acquaint students with this versatile little instrument, regardless of their level or age. 

    • Topics: chords and melodies, rhythm and technique. Our artistic director has developed a "learning by doing" method, based on tablature and fingering, and combined with the so-called “aural tradition”.
    • Musical requirements: none ! No knowledge of music theory is required and it is not necessary to know how to read a score or play another instrument. 
    • Teaching languages: english or german as required, french in emergencies. 
    • Loan instruments: Keiki ukuleles can be provided free of charge to participants. Please ask for them at registration.
    • Prices (course, room and full board): €499,- in shared room, €599,- in single room.

    • Registration: kleebach@european-music-workshops.com