Marie Fofana: experienced, committed, laid back

Marie Fofana has worked for over 20 years as a professional singer and singing instructor. She has given numerous workshops in Germany, teaches at music schools in Stuttgart and Karlsruhe (Germany), and conducts two choirs. The choir she founded in Karlsruhe in 2014 has grown into an ensemble of 40 women singing pop, soul and world music. In 2015, she was given the direction of the choir of the prestigious Intakt music school, also in Karlsruhe. 

Marie, who sings and plays percussion with cult trio Opportunity, knows how to create a relaxed atmosphere, making learning an enjoyable experience rather than hard work. Her openness encourages students to try out, experience and discover their own voices. Whether it's the theoretical principles of singing or expert tips for performing on stage, she makes the course content both easy to grasp and fun to learn. 

Marie teaches at EUROPEAN MUSIC WORKSHOPS since 2015. Her classes are always met with undivided enthusiasm and leave a lasting impression on all participants.

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The course: the manifold colors of your voice 

Marie's workshop is directed at everyone who likes singing and wants to learn more about their natural instrument, whether beginners or advanced students. By means of exercises, improvisation and song examples, you will learn through practice the wide-ranging possibilities your voice can offer. All musical styles and tastes are welcome. Whether you've only ever sung in the shower or you're already in a choir, there will be something here for everyone. 

Topics will include some or all of the following: 

  • Vocal techniques: warm-ups, singing skills in tone, breathing, projection and range. Marie will also be teaching the underlying principles of a healthy singing technique and show ways of recognizing and solving specific problems.
  • Singing in harmony: while studying a simple choral piece, the class will learn how to sing harmony naturally and intuitively.
  • Music sharing: students are welcome to bring their own choice songs or solo pieces to, if times permits, work on individually. 
  • Course language: german, english if required, french in emergencies. 
  • Musical requirements: beginners, intermediate and advanced singers accepted. Theory background not required. 
  • Please bring: comfortable clothing, accompanying instrument (optional), text, lead sheet and/or sheet music, recording and/or playback for own choice piece (optional). If you wish to work on an own choice piece, please rehearse it before the workshop.

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