Martin Röttger: pioneer on the cajon

Martin Röttger, our cajon teacher, is undoubtedly an old stager in the business. At age 12, he was already on stage with musicians from the New Orleans jazz scene. Now, Martin is one of the most sought after cajon players in Europe.

The born Swede has played more than 2.000 concerts with artists such as Chuck Berry, Junior Wells, The Spencer Davis Group, Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) and Robben Ford (L.A. Express) in Europe, in the USA and elsewhere. He has given the cajon its credentials as a drumkit, being one of the firsts to develop and utilize the versatility of the peruvian percussion intrument in this way. 

Martin, who in 2009 was one of the founders of EUROPEAN MUSIC WORKSHOPS, has developed a unique approach to the instrument and is considered today by his peers to be a pioneer in this field.

Originator of the drumming and cajon school «Drummatic» in Hamburg (Germany), instructor in residence of the local Music Council, teacher at the prestigious Dante Augustone Music School (Switzerland), author of several textbooks for cajon, musician in demand for recording sessions and studio productions: Martin is versatile, and busy as a bee! ... His workshops are considered unique events by his students...

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The Course: transposing drumset grooves  

Martin's class is suitable both for beginners, intermediate and more advanced players. It is designed to help students improving their timing and feeling for rhythm. The group situation encourages mutual support and ensures that all students gain maximum benefit from the course. This exclusive class offers a fantastic opportunity to learn from a master player.

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Topics will include some or all of the following:

  • Transpose grooves: students will learn how to transpose drumset grooves of various musical styles (rock, soul, funk, etc...) in appropriate rhythmic accompaniments on the cajon.
  • Learn funky beats: Martin will demonstrate the technical basics for African rhythms and funky beats by having students learn ensemble playing, working out arrangements together.
  • Smaller percussion instruments: the workshop will also cover using the smaller percussion instruments (shaker, cabs and/or tambourine), opening up new rhymical worlds for participants.
  • Course languages: english, german or both, as required. 
  • Musical requirements: beginners, intermediate and advanced players accepted. Theory background not required. 
  • Bring: cajon, djembé and/or other percussion instruments (tambourine, shaker, etc...).
  • Loan instruments: courtesy Meinel cajons can be provided free of charge on site. Please, make request when registering.
  • Note: Martin will provide downloads and playalongs for his course.
  • Registration:


New in 2023 ! - Cajon for beginners: the fundamentals of pulse

In this introductory cajon course, Martin will show how to set up and create a rhythmic accompaniment for different styles of music, in addition to sitting posture, percussion techniques and proper handling. He will also demonstrate how to translate traditional drum rhythms for the cajon, while teaching the fundamentals and basic techniques of pulse.

  • Musical prerequisites: none ! These course are intended for beginners. No knowledge of music theory is required and it is not necessary to know how to read a score or play another instrument. 
  • Course languages: both courses will be taught in German, in English if desired and in French for emergency. 
  • Bring: cajon, djembé and/or other percussion instruments (tambourine, shaker, etc...).
  • Loan instruments: courtesy Meinel cajons can be provided free of charge on site. Please, make request when registering.
  • Prices (course, room and full board): €499,- in shared room, €599,- in single room.
  • Registration: