Us: a musical fraternity

Since our inception in 2009, EUROPEAN MUSIC WORKSHOPS has become a remarkable community who gathers to celebrate the joys of hand made music at "La Maison du Kleebach", located near Munster in eastern France. There, summer after summer, people come together to learn and play! 

To COME SHARE THE MAGIC unleashed in the beautiful and soothing environment of the Vosges mountains, music lovers gather again and again from all over Europe and as far as North America, Australia, Cambodia and even India. 

The exceptionally supportive setting shaped from the beginnings between participants and teachers has created a framework where one overcomes inhibitions and expands self confidence, thus creating a wonderful sense of musical fraternity.  

At a time when music camps are springing up like mushrooms, this lasting appeal speaks volumes for the event...

"La Maison du Kleebach": a magical vibe...

It's hard to imagine a more perfect location for our EUROPEAN MUSIC WORKSHOPS than "La Maison du Kleebach", located on a picturesque hillside with a stunning view across the idyllic countryside of the Vosges mountains (France). A place of sharing and encounter, the house resonates with a magical vibe and the time there is truly "time out" of the busy world.

Fully modernized and well appointed, "La Maison du Kleebach" offers seven soundproofed teaching rooms (five of them with a piano) and cosy rooms with 1-5 beds and bathroom. It also boasts an open air concert stage (250 seats), an indoor bar and barbecue facilities. And good wifi... The meals are prepared on the premises by the house chef using natural products from the region. The menu plan offers traditional fare as well as vegetarian options. And the wine is included...

With Strasbourg (France) and Basel (Switzerland), two international airports are within easy reach. "La Maison du Kleebach" has also a main line railway connection in nearby Munster. The forest bordering the property allows numerous walking tours. Not to mention a full size public swimming pool located ten minutes away down the hill: perfect for bringing your spouse and/or children along...


"La Maison du Kleebach"
5, route du Kleebach
F-68140 - Munster (France)

The house is superbly located, the organisation is laid back but professional and the courses outstanding. Thank your for your commitment: I know the work it takes!”

— Regine Thomes (Eptingen, Switzerland)

alternate lodging in MUNSTER: snug and cosy